Who's really on your side?

Labour have increased your Council Tax by 19% since 2015, let's get some common sense back in the Council's budget. 

Our Plan for Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council

Our Plan for Cheshire West and Chester

Our Plan for Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council

We have these 6 Pledges for our Residents.  You can find your local candidates on the 2019 Candidates page. 




Use the funds, fix our roads!

The Government have given the Labour run Cheshire West and Chester Council £3.5million to fix potholes in our roads. It must be used by April 1st 2019. As of mid February, they still have well over £2million of that unused.

Petition to save our town centre!

Don't let Labour wreck Northwich.

Barons Quay lays empty...More stores are closing

A further £1.9m of taxpayers' money is to be spent on the Council's failings.

Don't let Labour ruin our town centre.

Sign the petition to save our town centre. 

Petition for M&S to stay!

We the undersigned call on the management of M&S to rethink their decision to close the Northwich store. The community love and value our local M&S and the great staff team who have served us for years, who now face an uncertain future.

Local Issues Survey

Help us to help you. Please fill out our local issues survey and ensure that we continue to listen and deliver for the people of Cheshire West and Chester. 

Free parking

In the past couple of years, the Labour-controlled Council has introduced new parking charges across the borough – hitting our pockets and damaging local business. 

We will re-introduce free parking across West Cheshire, including Free After 3 in Chester.

Delivering quality Council services

Our Labour-run Council has been cutting services whilst hiking up Council Tax and sitting on millions of pounds in reserves. We believe the Council Tax we pay should be used to fund high quality services. 

Improving the borough

We’re proud of where we live and want a Council that looks after it. But sadly, our area is awash with overflowing bins, overgrown weeds and uncut grass verges. 

Fixing our broken roads

Our roads are in a dire state. In the last year alone, our Labour Council received hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Conservative government to improve the state of our roads, but pot holes complaints have soared.